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blueDECK (tape/cassette emulation)

-What's blueDECK?
It's a total cassette emulator for blueMSX. New & unique approach has been introduced with v1.3.0 tape emulation, read on to find out.
-What's so special about blueDECK?
The DEV team have worked really hard to bring users, what best for tape usage. One of the key improvement we have made is the tape save feature, now users can enjoy ROM & CAS games which requires saving to a tape. But hey that doesn't make it special! Hold on, the all new blueDECK's "Set Position" feature is probably the most advanced gadget users can get on MSX emulator. (at least we think that way. ;)

The different options of the cassette menu are explained on this page.

-What does Set Position do?
blueDECK can analyze the contents included in CAS file. Not only can the users see what's been saved, they also can choose the program name to 'set' the start of a loading point! So unlike the actual data recorder, no fast fowarding is required to scan to desired tape position. That why we only have the rewind option. (Cool isn't it?)

-What format is it compatible with?
Older fMSX98/AT CAS format can be now read & saved along with the standard fMSX-DOS CAS format. The SVI-318/328 format is also supported.

-What's up with the position reminder?
Glad you asked! This needs quite an explanation. blueDECK actually perform just like the real data recorder. blueDECK tries to remember the tape position when you eject without rewinding. Then user can come back to its exact position of the loading tape after changing CAS file. Most tape emulation lack ability to remember the counter position which force rewind when ever new cas file is set. However position reminder will always come to the last position where CAS file was used.

Maybe helpful where the user needs to save gamedata in between loading point. User obviously need to return to the exact position after saving and switching back to an original tape where eject was performed in order to continue. NO problem, blueDECK can handle such situation.

-What's up with the Rewind After Insert?
If you read the "position reminder" above, you see that blueDECK remember the exact position of CAS file from the last perfomance. What if user don't want this? Well, when this option toggled, any CAS file inserted will be automatically rewinded. Keeps the users away from extra task.

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