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Extern Cas/Wav Databases

blueMSX uses different databases with SHA1 values :

- msxcaswavdb.xml : the MSX database for games and applications in cas or wav format

- svidb.xml : the SVI database (with cas/wav, dsk and rom data)

If a tape game is in one of these databases, blueMSX can display some infos about the way to run the game when using the DIGIblue theme.

Remarks :

- some MSX games use both sides of a tape or even more than one tape

If the game can only be runned from side A, we have created a new cas file by merging the files available on the net and have included the new file in the MSX database.

- in the MSX world, we have found tapes with limitations that are indicated in the database

Some of these limitations can be resolved by creating a corrected file with using of the following poke at the beginning of the loader file :


this 'universal' poke must replace the eventual already present poke -1,0 or poke -1, 85 or poke -1,170 or poke -1,255.

We have created such corrected files by using this poke without any space between the characters and we have included these files in the MSX database.

- the WAV format for tapes is not yet supported by blueMSX

The data for the WAV files are included to allow the using of the .xml files by other emulators.

Generally, only one wav file corresponds to a cas file, we have indeed used the following tools to convert a cas file into a wav file :

* for the MSX tapes : cas2wav developed by Vincent van Dam - see his site

* for the SVI tapes : SviCas2Wav developed by Johan Winge - see his site

In case of two wav files for a cas file, the 2d wav file was found on the net and his format was different from the 'standard' format used by the mentioned tools.

How to add cas/wav data in these databases ?

You must use the following general syntax :
oooooo <title xml :lang="en"> .......</title>   Example : Q-Bert
oooooo <system> ....... </system>   Example : MSX (other options : SVI - Coleco - Sega)
oooooo <company> .......</company>   Example : Konami
oooooo <year> ......</year>   Example : 1986
oooooo <country> ....... </country>   Country code - Example : JP for Japan
oooooo <dump>    
oooooo <group>   Only if more than 1 side for a game
ooooooooooooo <original value="...."> ....

  2 options :
- for a GoodMSX dump : <original value="true">GoodMSX</original>
- for an other dump : <original value="false"/>
ooooooooooooo <cas>   software medium
ooooooooooooo <start>    
ooooooooooooooooo<text> ....... </text>
  running command - RUN"CAS:" - BLOAD"CAS:",R - CLOAD+RUN -
eventually preceded by :Position Tape+
ooooooooooooo </start>    
ooooooooooooo <format type="....">   file format : cas or wav
oooooooooooooo o o <hash algo="sha1"> ....... </hash>   sha1 value
ooooooooooooo </format>    
ooooooooooooo <format type="...">... </format>   Next file format for the same side !
ooooooooooooo <remark>    
oooooooooooooooo ooo o<text> ....... </text>   You can add here other infos about this side
ooooooooooooo </remark>    
ooooooooooooo </cas>    
ooooooooooooo <cas>............................... </cas>   Next side of the same group !
oooooo </group>    
oooooo </dump>    
oooooo <dump>   Next dump of the same game !
oooooo </dump>    

How to find the sha1 code of a cas/wav game ?

- use Google to make a research on the Net and you'll find different tools to calculate the sha1 value

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