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ColecoVision joystick

Besides the directions and the fire buttons, the ColecoVision joystick includes a special keypad with the numbers 1 to 9, 0 and two extra keys with "*" and "#".

By default, the buttons, directions and keys are mapped to the followings keys of the PC Qwerty keyboard : Spacebar - Left Alt - Up - Down - Left - Right - 1 to 9, 0, -, = (the keys of the numpad are not used).

You can change the mapping, for example if you want to use the numpad combined with the PC joystick !

The procedure is simple, see how we can map the Coleco 1 key to the 1 key of the PC numpad :

1st STEP

select the 1 key by clicking on the virtual joystick
2nd STEP

press on the 1 key of your PC numpad

3rd STEP

repeat eventually the 2 first steps for the other keys, buttons and directions, then click on the OK button of the Input editor to save the configuration

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