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Other controllers


Some MSX programs have support for mouse. Not surprising, the emulator uses the PC mouse as input device to emulate the MSX mouse.

The mouse can be used on a MSX like a joystick, if you press the left button at least 5 seconds after the boot sequence when you start the machine. It's also the case in blueMSX !

Some MSX games are copy-protected by an hardware piece, a dongle, that must be inserted in a joystick port.

Two different dongles are available :
- the Tetris 2 Special Edition dongle for the game with the same name;
- the Magic Key dongle for the Replicart and Gall Force (Defense of Chaos) games

Some MSX games can generally only be played with a gunstick : Cosmic Sheriff, Solo, Target Plus, Duck Hunt, Mike Gunner, Dungeon Hunter.

Two different gunsticks are available :
- the ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser
- the MHT Ingenieros Gunstick

In both cases, your PC mouse becomes a gunstick !
Arkanoid Pad

To be used only with the Arkanoid games

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