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Creating cas images

Remark : SC-3000 cassettes are not yet supported.

Some games allow to save data on tape, so you need to create a new empty tape image.
It is also the case if you want to save files on a new tape.

How to create and insert a new empty CAS file ?
- click on File / Cassette / Insert
- type a new name in the filename field and click on the button "Open"

How to save data on a CAS file ?
- check first in File / Cassette if the tape is not in only reading mode
Especially for games, the direct writing mode is recommended to avoid data loss but you could have some good reasons to use the only reading mode

- use eventually the Set Position option to choose the good position on the tape image

- follow the saving instructions that are specific to some games

- for your own BASIC or binary files, use the appropriate MSX-BASIC commands and press on RETURN (the ENTER key of your PC)

SAVE"CAS:name"   To save BASIC files in ASCII mode
BSAVE"CAS:name",start address,end address,[execution address]   To save binary files
CSAVE"name"   To save BASIC files in tokenized mode

- if the tape is in only reading mode, don't forget to use the Save Cassette Image option of the File / Cassette menu and select eventually the appropriate format of the CAS file : older fMSX98/AT CAS format, standard fMSX-DOS CAS format or SVI-318/328 format.

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