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The following persons have been directly involved in the blueMSX development and their contributions have been invaluable for the development of blueMSX.

Shimanuki Koshi   for sweeping news groups for bug reports and giving invaluable feedback and information to the blueMSX project. He also suggested the mixer control and did the Japanese translation
Roger Filipe   for creating the gcc/mingw build environment and for doing some bug fixes. Roger has made improvements in the rom mappers and made more games playable in blueMSX. He also made the Portuguese translation
SLotman   for integrating the zlib libraries and for porting the Scale2x monitor emulation (all done in the blueMSX clone called RedMSX)
Johan van Leur   for the first impulse what concerns the trainer and the hunting to the game cheats
Nicolas Beyaert   for doing renewed and extensive rom and cas databases
Patrick van Arkel   for his great work to converting the rom database into a dynamic and nice database that will be very useful for the MSX community
Laurent Halter   for creating a new screenshot feature, coding the horizontal and vertical stretching of the MSX screen and for his help with DirectX problems
Kobayashi Michiko   for suggesting graphics to the toolbar
Albert Beevendorp   for his multiple contributions and suggestions to improve differents parts of the emulator
Atarulum   for help with horizontal stretch, more accuracy in Japanese machines, many suggestions and researches to improve Panasonic FDC, MSX-AUDIO, etc.
BouKiChi   for help with the blueMSX debugger
Rob Hiep   for help with the Sunrise IDE harddisk support
Marco Casali   - member of RAM Corporation (T2) and ICM Group Italy - for his help with the Italian translation, MSX-AUDIO problems and the Tetris 2 Special Edition dongle support
Jon Cortázar Abraido   for his help with supporting asMSX symbol files and debug command in the debugger and trace logger
Vincent van Dam   for help with the cassette support and copy-protected disks and for his useful Game Reader tool
NYYRIKKI   for help with the MHT Ingenieros Gunstick, the ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser and the Finnish translation
Fabio Albergaria Dias   for great feedback and for testing the brazilian MSX system roms
Glafouk   for testing the audio emulation and providing music disks and for doing the French translation
Martijn van Tienen   for help with command line arguments and the Dutch translation
Hiro   for his gentle permission to use his wonderful MSXturboR GT keyboard bitmap in the Controllers/Keyboard editor
Amer Dugmag   for help with the Arabic roms
Alexandre Souza   for help with the Forte II arcade board
Luciano Sturaro   for help with the Ciel Expert 3 IDE machine
Enrico Barbisan   for help with the Philips NMS-801 and Frael Bruc 100-1 system roms
Sjoerd de Vries   for the Dutch version of the manual
UC_ARS   for help with the Chinese Simplified translation
nhlay   for help with the Chinese Traditional translation
Ulver   for help with the Korean translation
SaebaRYO   for help with the Korean translation
Oleg Malyshev (ALLiGaToR)   for help with the Russian translation
Víctor Fernández Sánchez   for help with the Spanish translation
Davide Platania   for help with the Italian translation
Miikka Poikela   for help with the Finnish translation
Tanni   for help with the German translation
Jacek Bogucki
  for help with the Polish translation
Manuel Soler   for help with the Catalan translation
Hondarer   for help with the Japanese translation and for providing a source to get a more accurate FDD LED blinking and resolve some problems
William Ouwehand   for help with the emulator archives and for good feedback on the user interface
Wouter Vermaelen   for help with sprite emulation and rom mappers
Manuel Bilderbeek   for help with many emulation related issues
Maarten ter Huurne   for help with VDP emulation and video renderers
Tobias Keizer   for providing Z80 timing tables
Sandy Pleyte   for help with Megaram emulation and ideas for improvements
MkII   for his help with the additional M1 waiting states
Eduardo Mello   for help with different RAM and VRAM issues on MSX and Coleco
Rudolf Lechleitner   for great feedback and technical advice in rom mapper analysis and sharing his source for the printer emulation

The following people have created software that are used in blueMSX and without their software there would not be a blueMSX application.

Marat Fayzullin   Author of fMSX from which old versions of blueMSX (before version 2.0) were derived
Alex Wulms   Author of the VDP Command Engine emulation
R. Belmont
and O. Galibert
  Authors of the YMF278 sound chip emulation (part of the Moonsound emulation)
Jarek Burczynski   Author of the YM2413 sound chip emulation and the YMF262 sound chip emulation (part of the Moonsound emulation)
Mitsutaka Okazaki   Author of the YM2413 sound chip emulation
Tatsuyuki Satoh   Author of the Y8950 sound chip emulation and the VLM5030 sound chip emulation
Gilles Vollant   Author of the unzip package

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