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The debugger.ini file

If you have used the debugger, the different parameters of this utility are saved in the debugger.ini file
when you close the emulator. You can also edit manually this file.

There are 8 sections in the debugger.ini files corresponding to the different windows of the utility.

For each window, there are 4 parameters to determine the location of the window on the screen :
the x, y coordinates of the top left point, the width and the height.

For the main window, the check vram access can be enabled (value 1) or disabled (value 0);
the visibility of the other windows can be in the same way enabled (value 1) or disabled (value 0).

Example :

Main Window

Disassembly Window

CPU Registers Window

Peripheral Registers Window

IO Ports Window

Callstack Window

Stack Window

Memory Window

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