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The only existing ethernet solution for MSX is ObsoNET by Daniel Berdugo.
ObsoNET is a cartridge that contains an ethernet controller and a bios for doing low level networking.

In order to connect to a real network, an internet stack is needed.
The best solution is to run InterNestor Lite by Nestor Soriano.
InterNestor Lite provides TCP/IP networking and basic networking programs, like ping, tftp and telnet.


In order to use the ethernet emulation in blueMSX, you need to install WinPcap, The Windows Packet Capture Library. This is a third party tool that makes it possible to send and receive low level network packets under Windows.

You can download WinPcap from their official website:

First step : select a network interface

- click on Options / Ethernet
- select a network interface to which the emulated network controller will connect. This is one of the interfaces (network cards) in your PC.

Remark : WinPcap does not work very well on wireless interfaces due to limitations in Windows. Therefore its recommended to run the ethernet emulation on a wired network interface. You can look at the FAQ on WinPcap's homepage for more details.

Second step : insert an ObsoNET bios rom

- click on File / Cartridge Slot 1 (or Slot 2) / Insert
- select an Obsonet bios rom

This rom enables the emulated ethernet controller and provides bios functionallity to send and receive packets.

You can find the roms and additional information at the official ObsoNET site:

Third step : load InterNestor Lite

- click on File / Disk Drive A / Insert
- select a disk with the InterNestor Lite internet stack and start the emulator.

You need to configure the network stack in order to connect to the network.

Follow the detailed help that comes with the InterNestor Lite applications or visit the official website for ObsoNET:

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