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Sony HB-F1 and HB-F1II

To run these MSX2 machines in blueMSX, you need the complete config files with all the specific roms. Check the Resource page of the blueMSX website and unzip the config files in the Machines subdirectory of the emulator.

These machines have a tape interface ; you can also add a diskdrive. Switch key between Japanese and English characters is RightAlt.

The internal firmware is mainly a Personal Databank; data can be saved on cassette, disk or a Sony HBI-55 cartridge. By pressing F2, F3 or F4, you have access to a calculator, a clock and a calendar.

You can add the HBI-55 cartridge by using the Insert Special menu in the Files/Cartridge Slot 1 menu or the Files/Cartridge Slot 2 menu. You can also use the Machine Editor in the Tools menu and create a different machine including this cartridge.

The firmware menu is slighly different when the HBI-55 cartridge has been inserted.

Menu without HBI-55   Menu with HBI-55 and diskdrive
Calculator   Clock

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