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To run this MSX2+ machine in blueMSX, you need the complete config file with all the specific roms. Check the Resource page of the blueMSX website and unzip the config file in the Machines subdirectory of the emulator.

This machine has a tape interface, a diskdrive and built-in MSX-MUSIC. Switch key between Japanese and English characters is RightAlt.

The Sony HB-F1XDJ machine comes with an integrated firmware, MSX-JE, a Japanese Word Processor, but it can't be directly runned as the appropriate system disk is not provided. You need to use the third system disk of the Sony HB-F1XV machine.

The system disk of the Sony HB-F1XDJ includes MSX-DOS, a graphic tool, Halos and tools to create games of different kinds. If you want to use it, press on LeftCtrl when booting.

  Menu of the system disk :

1 - Graphics = Halos
2 - Program = Game Tools

To access to the menu of the Game Tools, choose option 2 in the welcome text or type in MSX-BASIC RUN"FILER.BAS"; after running of one tool, you can go back to this menu by pressing F1.
Halos   Game Tools menu
Example of action game   Example of animation
Character Editor   Animation Editor
Keyboard Trainer   Keyboard Recorder
Example of shooter   Sprite Editor
  Example of strategy game

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