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Sony HB-F9P, HB-F9P Russian and HB-F9S

To run these MSX2 machines in blueMSX, you need the complete config files with all the specific roms. Check the Resource page of the blueMSX website and unzip the config files in the Machines subdirectory of the emulator.

These machine have a tape interface ; you can also add a diskdrive.

This machine comes with an internal firmware, a Family Databank with different tools; data can be saved on cassette or disk; you can use this Databank in 4 languages (English, Dutch or Spanish, French, Italian) and a mouse is recommended. To skip it, you need to press on GRAPH when booting.

Using of this machine with a diskdrive is a little special :
- press on SHIFT in the boot sequence to use the firmware and save data on cassette
- boot with a disk inserted in drive A to use the firmware and save data on disk

The Russian version is without this nice firmware. Switch key on Russian machine between Cyrillic and English characters is RightAlt.

Hobbyists have converted this nice machine in a MSX2+ machine. The improved Spanish version is also available on the Resource page of the blueMSX website.

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