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Sony HB-G900P and Sony HB-G900AP

To run these MSX2 machines in blueMSX, you need the complete config files with all the specific roms. Check the Resource page of the blueMSX website and unzip the config files in the Machines subdirectory of the emulator.

These machines have a tape interface and 2 diskdrives. Combined with the HBI-G900 videotizer, they are very professionnal machines with also a modem and commands to pilot a laser disc player.

The Sony HB-F700 machine comes with 4 system disks : first and second system disk contain a very advanced graphic tool, Multi-Telopper, with also a backup tool; third system disk includes the extended version of a graphic tool, Halos; fourth system disk comes with MSX-DOS and some fonts.

The digitizing, superimposing, modem and laser disc capabilities of these computers are not yet supported by blueMSX.

Multi-Telopper   Backup tool
Halos (extended version)   Fourth system disk

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