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Extras Configuration

In this panel you can configure emulation of CPU frequency, Floppy Drive Controller and CMOS chip.

     CPU Frequency   You can change here the frequency of the main CPU used by the machine. You can therefore underclock or overclock the Z80 frequency.

Overclocking request more CPU resource, so don't exaggerate with this option.
Underclocking can be interesting, but don't expect that it will make miracles on a slow PC !

If you run a MSXturboR machine, you can also change the R800 frequency.
     Floppy Drive Controller   This option is only available if you run a machine with a Floppy Drive Controller.

By default, almost all generic machines have a FDC with 2 physical drives. You can change the number of drives in this menu.

Brazilian MSX1 and MSX2 machines have by default only 1 physical drive to allow a good working of the CTRL key when pressing in the boot sequence.

When there's only one physical drive, the MSX system can still use 2 logical drives (what requests to switch disks when copying from A: to B: or from B: to A: )
     CMOS   This option allows to enable support for the CMOS chip and his loaded battery, as it required for a good working of the MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR machines.

If you start a MSX1 machine, the CMOS chip is disabled by default, like on the real computer

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