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MoonSound is a music soundchip that contains 2 main elements :

- the Yamaha YMF-262 OPL3 FM sound synthesizer with 8 different waveforms, possibility to indicate per channel whether it is audible on the left, right or both and different options for the sound channels :
18 two-operator FM channels
OR 15 two-operator FM channels + 5 FM drums
OR 6 four-operator FM channels + 6 two-operator FM channels
OR 6 four-operator FM channels + 3 two-operator FM channels + 5 FM drums;

- the Yamaha YMF-278B-F YAMAHA OPL4 PCM synthesizer unit (better known in the PC world as wave table synthesis) with a maximum of 24 waves simultaneously, an ajustable stereo in 16 steps for each channel, a playback frequency upto 44.1 kHz of 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit data.

This soundchip is MSX-AUDIO compatible (with exception for the ADPCM part) and has a 128 Kb sample RAM, that can be expanded to 2 Mb.

Besides, the MoonSound cartridge includes more than 300 samples !

To hear MoonSound, the emulated MSX machine must include a Moonsound chip (with addition of a rom). It's the case of all generic MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR machines, with exception for the MSX2 Only PSG machine.

For the comfort of the users, the sample RAM is boosted to 640 Kb in all concerned generic machines.

There's no specific MSX-BASIC command for MoonSound.

MoonSound tips


MoonSound is the only MSX soundchip with real stereo, you can change the default stereo by a fine tuning in the mixer

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