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PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is a 8-bit sample unit that is only available on the MSXturboR machines; its maximum sampling rate is 16kHz and there's no analogic-digital converter like it is the case with MSX-AUDIO.

To hear PCM, the emulated MSXturboR machine must include a Turbo-R PCM chip (without addition of a rom).

MSXturboR machines include specific MSX-BASIC commands for PCM.

With some advanced programming; PSG can be used to produce also 8-bit samples :

This part of the audio mixer does not show the 1-bit samples produced by using the keyclick, as another part of the mixer is dedicated to the keyclick.

PCM tips


Some MSXturboR demos use at the same time MSX-AUDIO and PCM to produce a stereo effect, that you can also enhance in the mixer.

Hear only PCM

- de-select the other soundchips in the mixer

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