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SEGA Keyboard

The SEGA keyboard is used in the SC-3000 and SF-7000 computers. It comes without numeric keypad, but it is very similar to a standard PC keyboard (with exception of the way the Shift key is working). The typewrite keys are almost the same.

As some SEGA keys don't exist on a PC keyboard, the emulator makes also some adjustements to support the complete SEGA keyboard :
- the PC key before the "1" key is used for emulate the extrem right SEGA key on the third row
- the extrem right PC key on the third row is used to emulate the extrem right SEGA key on the first row

Specific Sega keys are mapped to the following PC keyboard keys :

SEGA key   PC key    
Break   Page Up   Allows to pause and resume a task in the SEGA-BASIC. When you press this key while holding the Ctrl key, the current task will be abruptly broken.
Clr Home   Home   Allows to move the cursor to the top left of the screen. If you press Shift + Clr Home, the screen will be cleared.
Graph   Left Alt   Toggles between normal characters and graphical characters. Can be combined with Shift.
Eng Dier's   Shift + Left Window   Gives special or accented characters by pressing it with a normal character.

Remark : on Japanese SEGA keyboards, it is replaced by a Kana key giving access to Kana characters when pressing it with a normal character.
Func   Tab   When pressing it with normal characters, you have directly access to SEGA-BASIC commands.

The tables underneath show you how to generate special characters with key-combinations of your PC keyboard :

Normal mode   Normal mode + Shift
Eng Dier's  
Graph   Graph + Shift

The extrem right character of the fourth row can be typed by using the RightCtrl key (+ eventually Shift).

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