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SCC (Sound Custom Chip or Sound Creative Chip) is a sound chip developed by Konami and Yamaha under the technical name K051649.

SCC is a primitive 8bit wavetable sound chip. It adds 5 channels to the 3 PSG channels to produce a better sound. The SCC chip has also his own memory mapper. Each channel can be controlled by an on/off bit, volume, frequency and 32 bytes waveform.

SCC-I is a improved version under the form of a Sound Cartridge released with the SD-Snatcher and Snatcher games.

Differences between SCC and SCC-I are mainly an independant 5th sound channel and an intern 64 Kb RAM in SCC-I. This RAM can be expanded to 128 Kb.

To hear SCC or SCC-I, the SCC or SCC-I chip must be present on a slot cartridge. It's the case with the concerned Konami rom games.

Some games on disk (Konami Games Collection, Snatcher, SD-Snatcher, adapted rom games for Flashrom) or demos (Fony Demo Disk 1 for example) require the insertion of a SCC cartridge or a SCC-I cartridge to get good sounds. You can use for that the File/Cartridge/Insert Special menu.

In other cases, you need to pause the emulator to insert a real SCC cartridge just after the booting.

There's no specific MSX-BASIC command for SCC.

SCC tips


As SCC is combined is PSG, it gives a stereo effect, that you can enhance by a fine tuning in the mixer

Hear only SCC

- de-select the other soundchips in the mixer

Original SCC rom games

Normal versions of these games include the SCC chip and have the KonamiSCC (konami5) mapper.

If you use a Flashrom version (ASCII8 mapper), you must add a SCC chip in slot 2 by using the special cartridge menu.

MSX1 games

F1 Spirit / A1 Spirit
Gofer no Yabou Episode 2 / Nemesis 3
Gradius 2 / Nemesis 2
King's Valley 2 (MSX1 version)

MSX2 games

Contra / Gryzor
Gekitotsu Pennant Race
Gekitotsu Pennant Race 2
King's Valley 2 (MSX2 version)
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake
Space Manbow

Original SCC or SCC-I dsk games

These games require to add the SCC or SCC-I chip in a slot by using the special cartridge menu.

Only a part of the MSX1 games are adapted to use SCC sounds; you can find the list of the concerned games in the next section "Hacked SCC or SCC-I rom games".

MSX1 games

Konami Game Collection 1
Konami Game Collection 2
Konami Game Collection 3
Konami Game Collection 4

MSX2 games
Konami Game Collection Special

Hacked SCC or SCC-I rom games

These hacked roms have been created by extracting and adapting the games from the 5 Konami Game Collection disks.

They include all the SCC or SCC-I chip.

MSX1 games

Antartic Adventure
Gradius / Nemesis
Hyper Rally
Hyper Sports 2
Konami's Boxing
Road Fighter
Sky Jaguar
Super Cobra
Video Hustler
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II

MSX2 games

Go Othello
Rice 2
Title Memory

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