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Of course, every fan wants to make screenshots of his favorite games or demos !

By default, blueMSX will make all your screenshots in the PNG format, but if you deselect the checkbox in Options/Settings, then they will be made in the BMP format.

You can choose between two features (the indicated hotkeys are the default blueMSX shortcuts) :

     RAlt+F11 Saves a small unfiltered screenshot (272 x 240 pixels).
or PrtScrn
Saves a large unfiltered screenshot (544 x 480 pixels).

The first feature is also available by using the File menu and by selecting the option " Save Screenshot".

In all cases, the .png or .bmp files are stored in the Screenshots directory.

A unique file name is always created, by using this system : the name of the game or demo, followed by "_" , a number of 4 digits (the first combination is "0000") and the extension .bmp or .png.

TIP : It can be difficult to get good screenshots with demos or games using interlaced pictures. Think to use the "Blend consecutive frames" feature in Options/Video and the video display will be smoother, allowing to make good screenshots.

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