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Application Settings

In this panel you can configure some of the behaviour of the blueMSX application.


     Theme   Determines the theme used by the emulator. If your PC is very slow, choose the Classic Theme.

You can create yourself new themes with customisable skins : see the examples in the Themes directory. More details here.
     Windows Environment   Six checkboxes allow to

- disable the screen saver while blueMSX is running.

- register some file types with blueMSX : it concerns the .rom, .ri, .mx1, .mx2, .col, .sc, .sg, .dsk, .di1, .di2, .360, .720, .sf7, .cas and .sta files

- disable automatically the normal function of the Windows menu keys that become free for an MSX function

- boost the priority of the emulator on other applications

- choose the BMP or the PNG format for your screenshots made with blueMSX (by default, the PNG format is selected)

- eject all medias when blueMSX exits

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