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SFG is a FM Sound Synthesizer Unit cartridge that has its reserved 3rd slot cartridge on the Yamaha CX5M/CX7M computers: first, the limited SFG-01 version, then the improved SFG-05 version. With a little adapter, the SFG-05 cartridge can also be inserted in a slot cartridge of another MSX computer.

The FM sound Synthesizer is built around the YM2151 or YM2164 sound chip. These IC's have 4 operators and are for example used in the cheaper Yamaha DX series (e.g. the DX-9, FB-01), several arcade games and the Korg DS-8 and 707.

This unit includes a D/A converter (YM3012), so 8 audio tone signals can be obtained at the right and left channels. It has also a YM2148 chip with MIDI function and keyboard scan function.

This part of the audio mixer shows only the FM part of the SFG cartridge. If the MIDI part is used, then it will be displayed in the MIDI part of the audio mixer.

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