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Active Cheats

How to load a cheat for a game ?

- start the emulator with the concerned game
- generally before the real start of the game, pause the emulator by pressing on F9
- start the trainer by using the shortcut RCtrl+RSft+T
- in the "Active cheats" parts, click on the folder icon to select a .mcf file in one subdirectory (coleco, msx, sega, svi) of the Tools\Cheats subdirectory
- select the cheat(s) that you want to use, it will be enabled by default
- click on "Run"

By default, if the .mcf file is in the old format (as it is the case with all the . mcf files shipped with blueMSX), the cheat value will be displayed under its hexadecimal form. If you prefer the decimal form, you need to double-click on the cheat to modify it.

Example with the cheat file for Gradius 1 - Nemesis 1

Some little tips

- don't enable at the same time all the cheats for a game, but use them only in accordance with your real needs in the game;
- some cheats can only be enabled after the start of the game, so don't complain if they don't work otherwise;
- some cheats allow to play directly a level or stage, you must disable them or modify them when you come at the end of this level or stage;
- generally, the cheats make the game easier, but in some cases, you will find cheats for masochists or superheroes that make the game harder;
- for some games, it's useful to read the .mcf file as it will give you some additionnal tips
- for some games with complex cheats, you will find 2 .mcf files : the normal version and the extended version (with more in the name)
- in all cases, see these cheats as additional fun, not a way to spoil the real fun and don't use them if you are shocked :)

If you make save states or video captures, the parameters of the cheats are not saved. So it means that if you load later a save state or a video capture, you need to re-apply exactly the same cheats on the game after loading of the save state or video capture.

How to modify a cheat for a game ?

- double-click on the concerned cheat to access to the same window than for "Add Cheat"
- generally, you need only to change the "Value" field

How to save a cheat for a game ?

- in the "Active cheats" parts, click on the diskette icon
- enter the name of the file that will be saved with the .mcf extension in one subdirectory (coleco, msx, sega, svi) of the Tools\Cheats subdirectory

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