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The .mcf files

The .mcf files shipped with blueMSX are in an old format, fully compatible with blueMSX 2.7 and higher.

If you create .mcf files with this trainer, they will be in a new format and can only be read by blueMSX 2.7 and higher.

Here's a short presentation of both formats :

* old format : a,b,c,d,e

a = concerned memory type (0 = visible memory and generally all the cheats can be found in this memory)
b = memory address in decimal
c = value in decimal
d = by default always 0, it means that the cheat is not enabled, it becomes 1 when it is enabled in the trainer
e = short description

* new format : A:B:C:D:E

A = visible memory address in hexadecimal
B = value in hexadecimal (8 or 16 bit)
C = data size - 0 = 8 bit and 1 = 16 bit
D = display type - 0 = decimal and 1 = hexadecimal
E = short description

Example for the lives cheat in Gradius 1 - Nemesis 1 :

* old format : 0,57440,153,0,lives
* new format : E060:99:0:1:lives

Besides these data, some .mcf files contain additionnal infos as remarks. So, it can be useful to read them as text files.

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