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Virtual Drive (aka blue v-DRIVE)      

-What's blue v-DRIVE?
v-DRIVE is an blueMSX unique function introduced in v1.3.0. So what does it do? Well it's a simple yet powerful hotkey for users to swap disk without going the file selection window. v-DRIVE hotkey will let users toggle between available contiguous dsk file of your choice. (Works similar to ' ALT+TAB' task switcher in your Windows.) Users will find it quite handy when playing games with massive disk exchange!

-How does it work?
Let's say you have a software with multiple sets of disks and they have filenames like the following [DISK-1.dsk, DISK-2.dsk, DISK-3.dsk]. blueMSX will automatically recognize that your set has total of 3 diskettes present. This is done by scanning through filenames based upon numbers and alphabets along with a common naming.

-How to use it?
While emulation, certain software ask you to change disk, simply push ALT+F9 (default hotkey) . You should see an information bar like the one above with dsk file that is being mounted. If you push again the next available dsk is mounted. When you reach the last dsk and continue to push ALT+F9 (default hotkey), it will return to the first dsk in the sets. So what you're basically doing is switching through sets of dsk in a cycle. Here is the diagram of v-DRIVE process shown visually.

-Things to be aware of.......
In order v-DRIVE function properly their is few things you need to be aware of. Currently v-DRIVE does not support multiple disks saved in single image ZIPPED files. (i.e --,, on) However ZIPPED file with multiple image is supported. So we recommend users to extract zip files to a directory so to ensure v-DRIVE work.

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