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Audio captures

If you like musics and sounds, this feature is for you, it will allow you to make a great collection of MSX songs and noises !

The more easy way to start or stop an audio capture is the hotkey : LShift+F7 by default. You can also use the File menu and select the option "Capture Audio".

The .wav files are stored in the Audio Capture directory.

A unique file name is always created, by using this system : the name of the game or demo, followed by "_" , a number of 2 digits (the first combination is "00") and the extension .wav.

You can use external tools to convert the .wav files into another format (MP3 for example).

For better audio captures, it is recommended to first make different tests by using the possibilities of the blueMSX mixer.

When you are satisfied with the quality of your wav files, you can edit them and convert them into another format (MP3 for example) with the external program of your choice.

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