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Sound Mixer     

The blueMSX mixer gives you full power on the sound produced by the emulator. It allows visualisation in real time of the using of the sound chips and can be used even when no emulated machine is running.

You can access to the mixer by using the menu Tools or the specific shortcut (Left Ctrl + Left Alt + M by default)


  You can set the volume and panoration of each individual sound chip : PSG, SCC, MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO, MOONSOUND, SFG, PCM, KEYCLICK, Input/Output (FDC-AUDIO or the noises produced by the Floppy Drive Controller), MIDI.

By clicking on the led after the name of a sound chip, you can choose to hear or not the sounds and musics of this sound chip. It means that you select or de-select this sound chip. See remark below.
  In the master section, there are 3 buttons :

- the small button allows to choose between MONO and STEREO
- the big button is the master volume control
- the led button allows to MUTE all sounds

  Click on this button to switch between normal mode and compact mode of the mixer.

Here's the aspect of the mixer in compact mode :
  These buttons allow to minimize or to close the mixer window.

Remark : the Mixer allows to hear only the soundchips that interest you, but it doesn't work in all cases : for example, if a demo detects Moonsound, it will use Moonsound in stead of MSX-AUDIO and/or MSX-MUSIC. If you simply de-select Moonsound in the mixer, you'll hear nothing ...

The solution is generally to de-select the boxes in the Options/Sound menu. It will work in most cases.

This trick doesn't work with games like Aleste because they detect the presence of the MSX-MUSIC chip and will therefore use MSX-MUSIC in stead of PSG.

To get only the PSG sounds in games like Aleste, the solution is to use the generic MSX2 Only PSG machine. You can also use the MSX2 C-BIOS machine, but it accepts only rom games.

You can view on this page the list of the rom games with automatic choice between PSG and MSX-MUSIC.

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