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CD-ROM and CD AUDIO support

CD-ROM and CD AUDIO support on MSX is just like a dream ! To make it possible, you need to follow these steps :

- go to the Options/Disks menu to set the access method to IOCTL and choose the PC drive that will be used as CD-ROM drive

Note that the CD-ROM of PC will work correctly only when its analog rear cable is connected to Internal Input of soundcard (CD-IN or AUX-IN).

This step is only requested for the first time that you use the CD-ROM support

- add SCSI controllers to a machine, create an empty hard disk image and format it

See this page of the manual : Creating hard disk images

- add CD-ROM to the SCSI by using the File/Hard Disk menu : in the allocation of SCSI id of CD rom, MEGA-SCSI is id #6, Gouda SCSI is id #2

for Gouda SCSI : enable Multiple Harddisk support by using the Setup menu (access by pressing on the DEL key when booting)

- choose a CD-ROM or CDAUDIO player for MSX and copy the files on a disk image and/or the hard disk image

Here's a short list of different players :

for Gouda SCSI : CDAUDIO

- start the player from the disk image or the hard disk image (read first carefully the instructions !)

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