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The config.ini files

The different parameters of a machine are saved in a config.ini file that you can also edit manually.

There are 8 sections in the config.ini files. We take as example the generic MSX2+ machine.


This section enables (value 1) or disables (value 0) the CMOS chip and his loaded battery. More infos here.


This section precises the used video chip and its video RAM size. More infos here.

Subslotted Slots

This section precises if the slots are subslotted (value 1) or not (value 0).

External Slots

This section precises the slots (and eventually subslots) where external slots will be mapped. More infos here.


This section precises the number of physical drives. Of course, a Floppy Drive Controller needs to be present in the configuration. More infos here.


This section precises the frequency of the main CPU used by the machine. More infos here.


This section precises the type of computer you want to emulate. More infos here.


This section gives all the details about the contents of the slots and subslots :

  1st number   slot   always 0 for I/O mappers
  2d number   subslot   always 0 if the slot is not subslotted
  3rd number   start address for the mapping   always 0 for I/O mappers -
0=0x0000 - 1=0x2000 - 2=0x4000 - 3=0x6000 - 4=0x8000 - 5=0xA000 - 6=0xC000 - 7=0xE000
  4th number   mapper size   always 0 for I/O mappers -
1=8 Kb - 2=16 Kb - 4=32 Kb - 8=64 Kb - 16=128 Kb - 24=192 Kb - 32=256 Kb - 64=512 Kb - 96=768 Kb - 128=1024 Kb - 256=2048 Kb - 512=4096 Kb
  5th number   mapper type   see the pages about the RAM mappers, ROM mappers and I/O mappers
  rom   way to the rom on the hard disk   only if the mapper requires a rom

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