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blueMSX Debugger

blueMSX provides a powerful little debugger that can be used simultaneously with the emulator.
You can start the debugger by using the shortcut RCtrl+RSft+D.

For a realistic working of the debugger, it's recommended to run a specific machine without any CAS patch of the BIOS rom.

Some commands of the debugger have a direct effect on the emulator itself :
the emulator can be started, paused, unpaused or restarted from the debugger window.

The debugger is fully working when you use the Break All feature by pressing on Crtl+Alt+Break.
The emulation is stopped and the debugger displays different infos in 7 windows :

* Disassembly

* CPU Registers

* Stack

* Callstack

* Memory Viewer

* Peripheral Registers

* I/O Ports

The debugger supports also the BiFi's BREAKPOINT and DEBUG commands :

BREAKPOINT (set bp from assembler)

Examples :

A program counter breakpoint:

ld b,b
jr $+2

The breakpoint will be set after jr $+2

An address only breakpoint:

ld b,b
jr $+4
dw address

The breakpoint will be set on the specified address.


Example of a debug string :

ld d,d
jr $+2+length
db string

The string will be output to the Trace Logger plugin. The length is of course the length of the string and can't be longer than 125 characters.

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