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PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) is the sound chip that you will find in all MSX and MSX-related machines :

- in MSX and SVI machines, it's the General Instruments AY-3-8910 sound chip

- in MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR machines, it's generally replaced by the Yamaha YM2149 sound chip

- in Coleco and Sega machines, it's the Texas Instrument SN76489 sound chip

It has three tone generators and a white noise generator.

The MSX-BASIC includes instructions to use easily the PSG.

With some advanced programming; PSG can be used to produce 8-bit samples :

This part of the audio mixer shows only the normal using of the PSG channels. If the PCM part is used, then it will be displayed in the PCM part of the audio mixer.

PSG tips


As SCC is combined is PSG in some demos and Konami games, it gives a stereo effect, that you can enhance by a fine tuning in the mixer

Hear only PSG

- de-select the other soundchips in the mixer

- if you hear nothing, then take a look below

Hear PSG in stead of other soundchips

- de-activate the MSX-MUSIC emulation and/or the MSX-AUDIO emulation in the Options/Sound menu

- use the MSX2 Only PSG machine, especially if you want to run a game with automatic choice between PSG and MSX-MUSIC, but want to hear the PSG sounds in stead of MSX-MUSIC.

You can view on this page the list of the rom games with automatic choice between PSG and MSX-MUSIC.

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