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MSX-MUSIC is a light version of MSX-AUDIO without sample unit , it's the Yamaha YM-2413 OPLL FM sound synthesizer with 9 channels of FM sound without drums or 6 channels of FM sound + FM drums.

To hear MSX-MUSIC, the emulated MSX machine must include a MSX Music chip (with addition of a rom). It's the case of all generic MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR machines, with exception for the MSX2 Only PSG machine.

The FM-BASIC is an addition to the MSX-BASIC, it allows to use easily MSX-MUSIC, but you must insert a MSX-MUSIC chip in a slot to access to the new commands when using a machine without built-in MSX-MUSIC.


If you use a MSX1 machine or a MSX1/MSX2 C-BIOS machine, you must add a MSX Music chip.

The most simple way is to use the normal or special cartridge menu to insert a MSX-MUSIC cartridge in a slot, but you can also make this addition in the Machine editor , then save the new machine, eventually under a new name.

For the C-BIOS machines, it's recommended to use the cbios_music.rom file that comes with the MSX2+ C-BIOS machine : see this page.


Many demos use at the same time MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC, what gives a stereo effect, that you can enhance by a fine tuning in the mixer

Hear only MSX-MUSIC

- de-select the other soundchips in the mixer

- if you hear nothing, then take a look below

Hear MSX-MUSIC in stead of other soundchips

- de-activate the MSX-AUDIO emulation and/or the MOONSOUND emulation in the Options/Sound menu

MSX-MUSIC cartridges


Only this Japanese cartridge contains two different parts : a music chip (MSX-MUSIC) and a saving system for some games (S-RAM).

From MSX-BASIC, you can start the firmware by using CALL FMPAC


This Dutch cartridge is without S-RAM.

From MSX-BASIC, you can start the firmware by using CALL FMPAK


This Korean cartridge is without S-RAM and without firmware.


This Brazilian cartridge is without S-RAM and without firmware.

MSX-MUSIC rom games

With exception for Synthe Saurus 1.1 and Blade Lords, the concerned roms use generally PSG when no intern of extern MSX-MUSIC chip is found.

For R-Type, Heroes Of The Lance and Nekketsu Judo, it's recommended to use the MSX2 Only PSG machine and to insert the game in slot 1 and a FM-PAC cartridge in slot 2.

MSX1 games

Gambler Jikichushinpa
R-Type (only with FM-PAC in slot 2, otherwhise PSG is used)
Synthe Saurus 1.1 (only MSX-MUSIC)

MSX2 games

Blade Lords (only MSX-MUSIC)
Daikoukai Jidai
Europe War
Family Stadium
Fleet Commander 2
Gambler Jikichushinpa 2
Heroes Of The Lance (only with FM-PAC in slot 2, otherwhise PSG is used)
Inindo Tado Nobunaga
Isin no Arashi
Maison Ikkoku Final
Mon Mon Monster
Nekketsu Judo (only with FM-PAC in slot 2, otherwhise PSG is used)
Nobunaga no Yabou - Bushouhuunroku
Nobunaga no Yabou - Senkokugunyuden
Penguin-Kun Wars 2
Royal Blood
Sangokusi 2
Teitoku no Ketsudan
Xevious - Fardraut Saga

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