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The Cartridge Menu

The Cartridge Menu is the first part of the File Menu; for every slot, it contains the following menu items :

Allows to insert a rom image in slot 1 or in slot 2.
The option accepts files of type .ROM, .RI, .MX1, .MX2., .COL, .SC, .SG and .ZIP.

If a zip file contains more than one rom image, a dialog with a list of all roms will be shown.

By using the rom database, the emulator chooses automatically the good rom mapper type;
if the rom is not in the databases or if you want to try another mapper, you can select manually the rom mapper type, see these pages for more precisions : ROM mapper type - I/O mapper type.

Insert Special
Gives access to a special submenu, dedicated to the insertion of special cartridges.

You can find more info here.

Allows to remove a rom image from slot 1 or slot 2.

Reset After Insert/Remove
If this option is checked, the emulator is automatically reset when a rom image is inserted or removed.

Recent files
Shows a list of the most recently rom that are loaded into the concerned cartridge slot.
You can select a rom of this list in place to use the "Insert" option.

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