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Tricky features

Special features makes the charm of a good emulator, because they allow to make things that are impossible on a real machine. So you can more enjoy your game experience with blueMSX !

Take also a look at the possibilities of the blueMSX trainer !

Hiding the sprites

If you want to create maps of great games, you are still annoyed by all these sprites ! blueMSX has a solution for you, a simple "hidden" feature that you call by a toggle hotkey : LCtrl+LSft+S by default.

This feature will also help you to cheat (but good luck to play in blind mode !) or to understand the tricks used in the demos.

Playing with the speed

If you want to skip some parts in a demo or see more easily some details, these "hidden" features will interest you, because you can make slower or faster all the emulation (including the musics).

Also fast drive loading is interesting and works without any problem with most games and demos. Accurate and slow drive loading is indeed only requested for some games and demos.

Here's the list of these features and the default hotkeys :

     LShift+F9 When held down, the emulator runs as fast as possible.
     LShift+F10 Resets emulation frequency to 3.579MHz
     LShift+F11 Decreases emulation frequency with 5%.
     LShift+F12 Increases emulation frequency with 5%.
     LCtrl+LSft+F Enables/disables Floppy Drive timing
     LCtrl+LSft+M Toggles maximum emulation speed.

If you want to pause the emulation, just press on the toggle key "Run/Pause", F9 by default

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