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blueMSX Trainer

blueMSX provides a powerful trainer that allows to explore the memory, find cheats and use them in your preferred games. You can start the trainer by using the shortcut RCtrl+RSft+T.

The trainer window includes 2 tabs, a bottom menu and uses .mcf files :

* Active Cheats

* Find Cheats

* Bottom Menu

* MCF Files

About the cheats shipped with blueMSX

The cheats shipped with the emulator are stored in the Tools/Cheats subdirectory, where you can find 4 subdirectories, one by system supported by blueMSX (Coleco, MSX, Sega, SVI).

We must thank here BiFi (Albert Beevendorp) and Vampier (Patrick van Arkel) for their great work : they have searched for an important part of the MSX cheats and tested them in openMSX. Their adaptation for blueMSX and other cheats have been made mainly by the blueMSX team, but if you check these files, you'll notice other contributors to the cheat database !

For non-MSX games, the cheats have mainly made by the blueMSX team.

All these cheats should work correctly in blueMSX, if you use an appropriate version of the concerned game.

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