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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol that allows computers, synthesizers, sound cards and drum machines to control each other and to exchange system information.

Physically, it's an one-way (simplex) serial current-loop connection running at 31,250 bits per second and it requires five-pin DIN plugs for MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT and occasionally MIDI-THRU.

At the moment, blueMSX supports three kinds of MIDI interface :
- Panasonic MSX-MIDI
- Yamaha CX5M/CX7M MIDI (SFG-05)
- Philips Music Module (NMS-1205)

The MSX-MIDI interface is only available on the generic MSXturboR machine and on the Panasonic FS-A1GT. The FM-BASIC can be used on these machines for programs with MIDI music.

The SFG-05 interface is a cartridge that can be inserted in a reserved slot of the Yamaha CX5M/CX7M computers. With a little adapter, this cartridge can be inserted in a slot cartridge of another MSX computer. It has also FM capabilities as explained here.

Other MIDI interfaces can be connected on MSX2 and MSX2+ machines or on the Panasonic FS-A1ST, for example the MIDI interface included in the Philips Music Module. This cartridge has also MSX-AUDIO capabilities as explained here.

The most used synthesizer with MSX computers was the Roland MT-32.

In all cases, you need to use the Options/Sound menu of the emulator. Check also eventually the page about the Yamaha CX5M/CX7M computers.

MIDI tips


MIDI sounds produces a stereo effect, that you can enhance in the mixer.

Better sound

A better sound can be obtained in the emulator when you remap the MT-32 instruments to General MIDI and/or when you use a special software that emulates MIDI.

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