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The keyboard bitmap is based on the MSXturboR GT keyboard. It's the most complete keyboard, as it includes 2 special keys, that are only used by the intern software of this machine (ST or GT variant). Remark : in a future version, a bitmap of the SF-7000 keyboard will be used when you will run this Sega computer.

For general explanations about some keys, check the page about the virtual keyboard (only available with the DIGIblue SUITE-X theme).

However, you need to notice that the keyboard configuration is first defined by the BIOS of the emulated machine. You will find more explanations on the pages related to a specific keyboard :

blueMSX uses also many keys or combinations of keys for shortcuts, that you can change in the Shortcuts Editor.

If the default mapping is source of problems, you can change it !

The procedure is simple, see how we can map the MSX SELECT key to the PageUp key of the PC keyboard :

1st STEP

select the MSX SELECT key by clicking on the virtual keyboard

by doing that, you can see the current mapping of the SELECT key (to the END key of the PC keyboard) and the SELECT key of the virtual keyboard is pressed down

2nd STEP

press on the PageUp key of your PC keyboard

by doing that, the new mapping is detected by the emulator and displayed (in this example, PRIOR is the universal word used in the keyboard's world for the PageUp key)

besides, the current MSX key concerned by the PageUp key of the PC keyboard (by default, it's the STOP key) will become red

3rd STEP

repeat eventually the 2 first steps for other keys, then click on the OK button of the Input editor to save the configuration

Logically, you should map the MSX STOP key to the END key of the PC keyboard, by using the same procedure, to get a coherent alternative keyboard !

If you want to create a complete new keyboard configuration, it will require some time and patience, but, generally, it's easier to only change the keys that interest you.

The keys for which you don't have made any change will remained defined by the BIOS of the emulated machine.

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