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Input Editor

blueMSX provides a powerful Input editor that allows to change the mapping of some keys or buttons.

As the emulator detects automatically all your compatible DirectX devices, including for example a joypad with 8 buttons or more, you can also assign buttons of your joypad to some keys or buttons of the emulated machine.

The Input editor dialog contains different parts :

- the 2 first tabs allow to select a controller for each controller port and configure it

The emulator supports different types of controllers :

* 2-button joystick

* mouse, dongle, gunstick

* ColecoVision joystick

- the 3rd tab includes a keyboard that you can configure it

- two bottom buttons

     OK   Saves every change made to the current configuration and closes the Input editor dialog
     Cancel   Closes the Input editor dialog. If the configuration is modified and not saved, a warning dialog will be shown.

- two top buttons to minimize or to close the Input editor window.

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