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Emulation Settings

In this panel you can configure the core part of the emulation. The most common option to change is the MSX machine option.


     MSX machine   Determines which machine to emulate.

The dropdown menu displays only the machines for which the corresponding system roms are already installed :

- if you use the full version of the emulator, the generic machines, the C-BIOS machines and the non-MSX machines are by default available;

- if you use the minimal version of the emulator, only the C-BIOS machines are by default available.

For a MSXturboR machine, it is recommended to run blueMSX on a PC with a power > 1.2 Ghz, because this support requires more CPU resources.

If you want to run a specific machine or create a new machine, use the Machine editor.
     Video frequency   Allows you to change the video frequency. The default value is automatically determined by the MSX machine that you want to emulate : generally, it's 60Hz (NTSC) for Japanese, Korean and Brazilian machines and 50Hz (PAL) for European machines.

If you select 50Hz, most games will be slower on a non-European machine.

If you select 60Hz, most games will be faster on an European machine.

Using of this option can lead to imprevisible results with smart demos that change the video frequency when they are running.
     Emulation speed   Allows you to change the emulation speed. The default value is 3.579 MHz.

A checkbox allows to disable the Floppy Drive timing. Accurate and slow disk loading is indeed only required for some games and demos. In most cases, non-accurate and fast disk loading works very good.
     Panasonic Switches   Three checkboxes allow to toggle

- the Panasonic Front Switch available on these machines : MSX2 FS-A1FM - MSX2+ FS-A1FX - FS-A1WX - FS-A1WSX - MSXturboR FS-A1ST - FS-A1GT

- the Pause switch (that you can find also on some Sony and Sanyo machines)

- the Panasonic MSX-AUDIO cartridge switch

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