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Questions and answers about cas images

Remark : SC-3000 cassettes are not yet supported.

How to get more memory to run some MSX games ?
Some MSX games require more free memory to run : press on F12 (= Reset), then press on Left Ctrl or on Left or Right Shift during the boot sequence, until you hear a beep (it will de-activate the second drive or both drives)

Can I also run zipped cas games ?
Yes, but the fifth procedure (double click) is not available for zipped cas games

- if only one cas game is in the zip file, it is loaded directly
- if there are many cas games in the zip file , a dialog where you have to select which cas game to load from the zip file is shown

Can I also use cas files in writing mode ?
Yes, blueMSX includes a unique feature that makes it possible : blueDECK with choice between 3 different formats (2 MSX formats and the SVI318/328 format) and an intern reminder of the tape position !

Can I also create and use new cas files ?
Yes, more info here !

How to avoid that blueMSX rewinds automatically the tape ?
- de-activate the option Rewind After Insert in the File / Cassette menu
- choose procedure 1, 2 or 3 (menu, toolbar or hotkey)

How to get a fast loading with a specific MSX machine ?
- use the Machine editor to apply the Cas patch on the BIOS rom and save the patched machine under a new name

It doesn't work ! What must I do ?
- don't forget that a tape must be runned manually by using one of the described commands in MSX-BASIC and pressing on RETURN (the ENTER key of your PC) ; the correct command that you need to use is displayed in the DIGIblue SUITE-X 2.2 theme if the cas file is included in one of the cas/wav databases

if you have de-activated the option Rewind After Insert, you must rewind the tape youself by using the option Rewind in the File / Cassette menu or by using the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+F11

most of the tape games were optimised for the VDP of the MSX1 and you are running a MSX2 or a MSX2+ machine : choose a MSX1 machine in the menu Options / Emulation or in the menu Tools / Machine Editor, and try again to start the game

Don't try to run a tape game on a MXturboR machine ! It will never work, because these machines don't have a tape port .

- if you use a MSX2 or a MSX2+ machine and can't start a game that runs without any problem on a MSX1, check the loader file of the game and place the following poke at the beginning of the file : POKE-1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17 (on a line 1 for example) ; this 'universal' poke must replace the eventual already present poke -1,0 or poke -1, 85 or poke -1,170 or poke -1,255.

- some MSX games or applications can work correctly only if a joystick is configured or a mouse is selected in the Input Editor

- some cassettes require to use the Set Position menu, especially tapes with different games and applications

if the emulator seems to be blocked, try always to press on F12 (= Reset) to start again the emulator and the game

some games or demos don't work at all or have different problems : it can be a bug in the VDP emulation, the Z80 emulation or the cassette support; please report the problem on the blueMSX forum, we will try to fix it !

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