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Specific machines

Many specific machines are supported by blueMSX. To run them, you need the complete config files with all the specific roms. Check the Resource page of the blueMSX website and unzip the config files in the Machines subdirectory of the emulator.

For most of these machines, the same names as in the MESS emulator are used for the roms. To get a realistic emulation, these machines are not boosted and by default, no any CAS patch is applied on the BIOS.

To see or modify the characteristics of a specific machine, you can use the Machine Editor in the Tools menu. The MSXturboR machines don't have a tape interface; the MSX Philips NMS-801 computer is without slot cartridge and printer interface.

The MSX Philips VG-8000, VG-8010 and VG-8010F don't have a printer port and come with a strange keyboard matrix that is patched for the emulator. Besides, the GRAPH and CODE keys work as toggles, just like the KANA key on Japanese machines.

The Frael Bruc 100-1 machine is a computer without the MSX logo, but with a MCL extended basic and a PC keyboard ! It was used in some Italian schools. The machine is compatible with MSX1 with some little differences or additionnal features : blinking cursor, step forward word by word, cut a text line, no display of the functions keys, different default color for the Basic screen, etc. Check for more infos.

Forte II Games
is a Brazilian MSX1 arcade board. As on the real machine, you need to insert a coin before playing the embedded game (Knightmare in a slightly modified version) : you can do that by pressing on the "C" key, then on the real or virtual joystick button (as this board comes without any keyboard). Check for more infos.

The Virtual Haesung Console is based on the BIOS ROMS of a strange Korean arcade board : in 1988, Haesung released 2 pirated versions of the Free Kick game, published by Sega, this under the names of Spinkick and Super Freekick. They are emulated in a recent version of the multi-arcade emulator MAME but are not MSX2 games as they handle differently the VDP addressing and the memory bank switching. As some BIOS calls have been deleted by the Korean developers to skip the logo boot and the MSX BASIC screen, only some MSX/MSX2 games and demos in ROM format will work on the virtual machine. More infos about the real console on

The MSXPLAYer 2003 configuration is the virtual MSX2+ machine used in the first version of the emulator with the same name, as you can find it on the ASCII MSX MAGAZINE 2003.

Some machines come with built-in or external software. In this case, pages of this manual contain additionnal infos.

MSX1 machines

Al-Alamiah AX-170   Sanyo PHC-28L
Canon V-10   Sanyo PHC-28S
Canon V-20   Sanyo Wavy MPC-10
Daewoo DPC-100   Sharp Epcom HotBit 1.1
Daewoo DPC-180   Sharp Epcom HotBit 1.2
Daewoo DPC-200   Sharp Epcom HotBit 1.3b
Daewoo DPC-200E   Sharp Epcom HotBit 1.3p
Frael Bruc 100-1   Sony HB-10P
Forte II Games - Pesadelo   Sony HB-20P
Goldstar FC-200   Sony HB-55D
Gradiente Expert 1.0   Sony HB-55P
Gradiente Expert 1.1   Sony HB-75D
Gradiente Expert 1.3   Sony HB-75P
Gradiente Expert DDPlus   Sony HB-201
Gradiente Expert Plus   Sony HB-201P
JVC HC-7GB   Sony HB-501P
Mitsubishi ML-F80   Spectravideo SVI-728
Mitsubishi ML-FX1   Spectravideo SVI-738
National CF-1200   Spectravideo SVI-738 Henrik Gilvad
National CF-2000   Spectravideo SVI-738 Swedish
National CF-2700   Talent DPC-200
National CF-3000   Talent DPC-200A
National CF-3300   Toshiba HX-10
National FS-1300   Toshiba HX-10S
National FS-4000   Toshiba HX-20
Olympia PHC-2   Yamaha CX5M-1
Olympia PHC-28   Yamaha CX5M-2
Panasonic CF-2700G   Yamaha CX5MII
Philips NMS-801   Yamaha CX5M-128
Philips VG-8000   Yamaha YIS-303
Philips VG-8010   Yamaha YIS-503
Philips VG-8010F   Yamaha YIS-503F
Philips VG-8020-00   Yamaha YIS-503M
Philips VG-8020-20   Yamaha YIS-503II
Philips VG-8020F   Yamaha YIS-503IIR
Pioneer PX-7   Yamaha YIS-503IIR Estonian
Pioneer PX-V60   Yashica YC-64
Sanyo MPC-64   Yeno DPC-64
Sanyo MPC-100   Yeno MX64

MSX2 machines

Al Alamiah AX-350   Sanyo Wavy MPC-25FD
Al Alamiah AX-370   Sanyo Wavy PHC-23
Daewoo CPC-300   Sharp Epcom HotBit 2.0
Daewoo CPC-300E   Sony HB-F1
Daewoo CPC-400   Sony HB-F1II
Daewoo CPC-400S   Sony HB-F1XD
Gradiente Expert 2.0   Sony HB-F1XDMK2
National FS-4500   Sony HB-F9P
National FS-4600   Sony HB-F9P Russian
National FS-4700   Sony HB-F9S
National FS-5000   Sony HB-F500
National FS-5500F1   Sony HB-F500P
National FS-5500F2   Sony HB-F700D
Panasonic FS-A1   Sony HB-F700F
Panasonic FS-A1 (a)   Sony HB-F700P
Panasonic FS-A1F   Sony HB-F700S
Panasonic FS-A1FM   Sony HB-F900
Panasonic FS-A1MK2   Sony HB-F900 (a)
Philips NMS-8220   Sony HB-G900AP
Philips NMS-8220 (a)   Sony HB-G900P
Philips NMS-8245   Spectravideo SVI-738-2 CUC
Philips NMS-8245F   Spectravideo SVI-738-2 JP Grobler
Philips NMS-8250   Spectravideo SVI-738-2 LC Grosso
Philips NMS-8255   Talent TPC-310
Philips NMS-8280   Toshiba HX-23
Philips NMS-8280G   Toshiba HX-23F
Philips VG-8230   Virtual Haesung Console
Philips VG-8235   Yamaha CX7M
Philips VG-8235F   Yamaha CX7M-128
Philips VG-8240    

MSX2+ machines

Ciel Expert 3 IDE   Panasonic FS-A1WX (a)
Ciel Expert 3 Turbo   Sanyo Wavy PHC-35J
Gradiente Expert AC88+   Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD1
Gradiente Expert DDX+   Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD2
MSXPLAYer 2003   Sony HB-F1XDJ
Panasonic FS-A1FX   Sony HB-F1XV
Panasonic FS-A1WSX   Sony HB-F9S+
Panasonic FS-A1WX    

MSXturboR machines

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